The sweeping, human narratives and dramatic turns blur the line between RPG and Strategy without ever losing its 'Grand' pedigree. To be truly successful in this game requires more than just careful logistical planning of troops and supplies: it also requires playing the great chess game of courtly life. That means there's going to be potentially loads of new wannabe rulers needing advice on how to navigate this titan of a strategy game.

To that end, my liege, whether you're a new count or a battle-scarred Crusader King, allow me to offer some of the most important tips for the novice and veteran alike.

Beginner's Guide

Advice is correct as of the most recent patch with all expansions. Unlike other games both in Paradox's stable and outside of it which ties your fate to a nation, in CKIIyour fate is tied to a particular dynasty—and, more specifically, to one person at a time in that dynasty. Game over. This is especially important if you're starting a custom character which has no dynasty to rely on.

ck2 dynasty guide

Most of the time, accomplishing this task is simple: get married make sure it's matrilineal if you're a womanhave children, and sit pretty as you hope your children aren't idiots. However, here are some nuances to be aware of:. Finally, and perhaps most 'importantly', change succession laws. Gavelkind is perhaps the worst possible succession law ever invented by man.

Cutting up one's realm between one's heirs is not only detrimental for larger realms that might split into various Kingdoms and basically set back all the work you've donebut it might cause rivalries between children.

Which leads us to our next major tip So long as you can control the majority of the electors through diplomacy or intrigue, Elective Monarchy almost always ensures that you select the best possible heir for your realm. Whether it's pure elective monarchy or the Imperial style of elective, I have found that this succession law helps to select not only well qualified rulers based on stats and traits while avoiding those insane inbreds, of coursebut also grants you the ability to choose young rulers which is essential for building up that long term legacy.

Realms are often unstable after a new ruler ascends and Elective Succession Law helps to alleviate this concern by choosing younger candidates who reign far longer on average. The game is all about building and cultivating loyalty and leading through awe rather than mere power. This is the radial ideal of Medieval Imperial ambition. The problem, of course, is that Elective Monarchy is high risk high reward.

You will want to actively kill, exile, or otherwise bribe electors who don't support your candidate or 'eliminate' your rivals that aren't your ideal candidate. However, keep in mind that you don't need to worry so much if it's another family member that is being favoured.

ck2 dynasty guide

Don't be too hung up if your ideal heir is not selected so long as he's of your blood. Sun Tzu said that to defeat your enemy through great strength is not the onus of Supreme Excellence; Supreme Excellence is to defeat your enemy without lifting a finger.

Perhaps the best way to explain this tip is to give you an example from one of my playthrough: I started as a lowly count of Santiago who managed to wrest control of the Kingdom of Asturias. Unfortunately, the Muslim neighbours to the south were poised to destroy my tiny Kingdom. Instead, as soon as I had control of the crown, I bent the knee to Charlemagne who was all too happy to be my overlord.

The Caliphate to the south would not dare entrench themselves in a war against a whole empire so I was safe to scheme from within. Since I was already a Kingdom with various demesnes, I was one of the most powerful vassals of the Emperor and set to work befriending enough nobles in the Empire to be crowned Emperor not too long after.Crusader Kings II is a game that, at the time of writing, is nearly six years old.

Yet we are still seeing expansion after expansion for the game. And thanks to many Steam and Humble Bundle sales the player base is still growing. The number one question I get asked is, how do you actually play it? TL;DR video version of these tips. Any veteran player will give you this advice. With the base game the earliest you can start is So go ahead and pick the Stamford Bridge start date then pick a Count in Ireland to play as. Here you will be able to learn the mechanics of the game without worrying about any of the bigger nations coming to impose their rule on you.

Especially on the West coast. In each county in Ireland is its own ruler. Thus you can work your way up from Count to Duke and finally on to declaring yourself as King or Queen. Once you are loaded into the game, leave it paused and familiarise yourself with the UI. In particular the top left panels, as those are where the majority of your gameplay options are. I added Queen to the end there not just as a nod to the opposite sex.

In Crusader Kings II you are not playing as a nation, nor even as a single character, but as an entire dynasty. Family and lineage are the most important things in Crusader Kings II.

When the character you are playing as dies, through the various ways that it will inevitably happen, you take over as their heir.

Rule for long enough and you can make a variety of changes to succession laws. These affect the type of heir you will have, but most likely you will be handing the reins to the first-born son.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Crusader Kings II. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Crusader Kings II.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Guide of almost none of my knowledge but rather answering questions and giving examples of CK2 modding.

So if you have a question about modding, post it and I'll do my best to answer it in a detailed manner within the guide. This item has been added to your Favorites.

Created by. SinStar87 Offline. Guide Index. Basic Modding Knowledge. Event Chains. Basic Scoping. Spawn Unit.

Creating Characters commands. How to be Dependent, a Step by Step Guide. Hello I've been asked to write a guide, so here it is. Struture will probably be odd because rather than a comprehensive explanation of everything I know since that's pretty well laid out in the CKIIWikiit'll be more bits and pieces as I answer questions. As such, it'll be updated in bursts as they come in. So you want to mod CK2? Well, let us assume you have an idea for a mod. First you need to know what all is involved.

The best thing to do is read the stuff here [www. I have a few you can look over.

ck2 dynasty guide

For In-depthness' sake, I'll be using my Goshen Sagas mod for examples in the guide, since basically everything I know how to do has gone into it. Alright, this section, aptly named if I do say so myself, will explain event chains.

So firstly, we will explain the relevant code. So let's look at the example, you'll see this code. Alright, hopefully you understand event chains a bit better now, give it a try yourself. Alright, first question is the various basic scopes. Ok, first let me explain these scopes; ROOT, by and large, is the object that the event is affecting. FROM, again for the most part, is the object that sent the previous event.Ok so you've decided you wanna play as a viking and conquer the world?

Well this guide will focus on the start of 1 of 4 different Norse petty kingdoms. The petty kingdom of Jylland, The petty kingdom of Sjaelland, The petty kingdom of Svitjod and lastly the petty kingdom of Ostlandet. They will eventually blur into each other but the start for each is unique. This guide will also utilize the kingdom you form first along with the kingdom of Finland title which is a extremely weak kingdom anyhow and it doesn't matter if you give it away later to create the empire of Scandinavia.

So the advantages of the Norse in are:. Ok so you've decided to take the easy route? Yes the easy route. At the start it doesn't look to good but don't worry. Soon a message will pop up giving you the option to pick between 3 prepared invasions.

You can either take the petty kingdom of Mercia, the petty kingdom of Brittany or the petty kingdom of Wessex. Opt for the last one. This part of England is the strongest so make sure you have enough troops for it and don't launch it too early. Once the invasion is launched make sure you occupy the top county in all counties in the petty kingdom of Wessex. This will give you full control over the entire southern part of England and you can move your capital to Middlesex.

Now give away your old counties you don't want those anymore anyway since the ones in England is far superior and set your ambition to become king of England.

Next objective is to attack the kingdom of Mercia and take some more counties so that you can form the kingdom of England. While doing this you may also want to take over the petty kingdom of Sjaelland to get some more counties. Hopefully they will have gone north into Norway but they could also go for Lithuania since your blocking their access to create the kingdom of Denmark.

How to lose Crusader Kings 2

Once you're king of England any Norse county that isn't part of a duchy that you have a border with will accept a offer of vassalization.

This should net you a big part of Norway and parts of Sweden. Just keep going with conquering all of England and, if possible, Scotland so you can also take Ireland while you're at it. Meanwhile in Scandinavia you should keep conquering and use your chancellor to make claims for you in the duchies that won't bow the knee to you.

Also keep conquering the counties in Finland and you will soon have enough to form the empire of Scandinavia. Alternatively with this starting position: Instead of forming the empire of Scandinavia you can opt to form the empire of Britannia depending on how the situation is progressing. Ok this is a little harder than going as Jylland but far from hard. You're allied with your viking brothers over in England and Scotland along with the petty kingdom of Sweden.

You're pretty strong from the start so immediately go up and conquer Ostlandet. This will stop them from creating Norway. Also take the option to conquer Jylland as early as possible so you can create the kingdom of Denmark. Once the kingdom of Denmark is created then vassalize the counties in Norway that are still free and start making your move into Finland.

While your doing this the petty kingdom of Sweden should have expanded and conquered pretty much all of Sweden but if you're quick you will manage to vassalize a couple of them up in the north. When pretty much all of Finland is under your sway you should have a couple of claims in Sweden to press so go on and press them and you should have enough counties to form the empire. Another easy win.

This is all about being quick and conquering the petty kingdom of Sjaelland before they can become a threat.

Your allied with the sons of lodbrok, Sjaelland and the Norse invaders in Rus.

ck2 dynasty guide

Make the become king of Sweden as your ambition.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Crusader Kings II. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Crusader Kings II. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

A quick primer on how to find and use claims. Current to 1. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by.

Crusader Kings 2 Holy Fury - Creating The Perfect Dynasty

Donald Trump real, verified Online. Guide Index. Intro - The Different Kinds of Claims. Finding a Claim. Luring a Claimant. Preparing the Claim. There are two kinds of claims; Strong Claims - These claims can be pressed any time. They are inherited by the second and third heirs in line to a holding. Weak Claims - These claims can only be pressed during times of turmoil in the realm - that is, during regencies, succession crises, when a female regent is challenged by a male claim, and by pretenders to the throne.

The specific conditions involved are why you often see a country hopefully not yours! In order of the best possible claims to claims you should never even consider pursuing: Best : 1.

Needs Effort : 4. This section assumes you do not have a claim or are looking for a specific claim. If you have a claim in hand, go to Section Three. Finding a claim is a two step process: Deciding what holding you want a claim for : For every holding there is a claim, from empire to barony. Ideally before your search, you've identified strategic holdings your liege is already eyeing. Your dream locale is one that has recently seen either a lot of dynastic conflict or that a larger neighbor has only just conquered.

Either of these events signifies a lot of loose ends and a major claim war brewing just under the surface. A very basic tip to keep in mind is that claims for lower holdings are much more numerous; you may have your eyes on the kingdom, but a duchy is a good starting place.

Scouting potential claimants : 1.During the game you control representatives of the House. It's not hard to find out that caring about family's future is a absolutely base of a success. Player should steer his hero and members of the dynasty in a way of protecting his lands from the civil fighting and separatism. It's not an easy task, and you'll find detailed advices further.

You are aware how the new children come out on the world: the same happens in the world of game. But the important thing is to plan vital forces of main hero and your subjects in a proper way.

Persons with small chances it's best to isolate or put aside e. But unfortunately dynastic politics is a two-edged. On the one hand, having big family provides you a lot of marriages so allies and opportunity to aspire for another crowns but on the other hands it stimulates House's members to fight between them. It becomes problematical especially when you play a long time a some in a row.

In such situation there are lot of candidates for a crown, because those aren't only sons but also their cousins, uncles etc at least in the primogenitural model - look at Succession. That's why it's good to bet on the minimalism: have a lot of daughters and only few sons. You never know what will be the child's sex, it's generated randomly. So it's worth to save the game a moment before birth and loading until you'll get the sex you want.

Usually it's better to have daughters than sons, because they have smaller rights to the throne what makes them less dangerous if you didn't choose Absolute Cognatic Succession model, look at the Succession.

Women additional advantage is a fact, that thanks to marriages they can provide very useful allies. It's very important to not let them have any lands, because after their wedding you lose them for the benefit of their husbands to avoid that, you can use proper protection - look at Laws chapter. About sons: it's enough to have one or two. First option secures you from a fratricidal fights, but has an option of defeating if the only one descendant will be murdered.

The second option is profitable in a case of danger of assassination or when the one son is for example ill. Two men in a house is a big problem, you may be sure that the family will grow across, increasing a number of uncles, cousins, nephews and other potential candidates to the throne. That's why you should nominate your younger son for a bishopric, he'll have no legal descendants in that case.

If the firstborn died, you would take from the second one all the bishop's estates and give others. Then the celibate won't be obligatory. About the quality of the family stands not only number of members, but also theirs abilities and statistics.

Children inherit only part of attributes after parents, many of them depends on upbringing. So very important is educating you descendants. More about this you'll find in chapters Diplomacy: Children's Education and Characters: Individual features.

All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Crusader Kings II Guide. Game Guide. Table of Contents. If a man decided on the matrylinear wedding, his children will belong to the wife's House. Remember about the roots! Children from normal marriages inherit the House after the father.Crusader Kings is a strategy game set in the medieval times of feudal Europe.

The game covers an area stretching from Iceland in the west to the Urals and Persia in the east; from the northern wilderness of Scandinavia in the north to Northern Africa and Arabia in the south. Its focus is on feudal Europe, and the dynasties that ruled it. Playable factions are therefore limited to Christian feudal lords. This means that you cannot play Muslim or Pagan rulers, nor is it possible to play merchant republics or military orders or ecclesiastical rulers. The goal is to build a thriving, powerful dynasty that would dominate the European world.

This can be achieved through strategic marriages, assassinations, or war. As a ruler, you are the head of a dynastyand your fate as a player stands and falls with your kin. If your dynasty loses power or dies out, you lose the game. One of your most important tasks as a ruler is to secure your inheritance for your kin, and ensure that you have family to pass the inheritance to.

In CK, the dynasty is known by the last name of the characters. Any action you take, especially those involving the raising of children, will result in your characters acquiring certain character traits. Be careful, many traits have positive AND negative effects - and many stick with your characters for life.

When a ruler dies, his titles pass to a new character. If this character is of a different dynasty from your ruler, you might lose the game.

Norse guide to the empire of scandinavia and beyond

It is therefore quite important to think ahead and secure an heir from within your own dynasty. Due to the different types of succession lawthere are different things to look out for, as well as different ways of getting a new heir. Note that player control stays with the dynastynot the titles. If your heir has a different family name, you will lose control of those titles, and either be transferred to another ruler of your family or, if there is none, get a "game over" message.

Every ruler has, in addition to his gold coffers, a ranking of prestige and piety. These are very important for your ruler. When a ruler dies, his heir inherits the gold of his predecessor, but none of the prestige or piety.

He does however inherit a certain amount of his predecessor's bad reputation. Most of the things you do in life have consequences, so also in CK. Some actions are more frowned upon than others, and will taint your reputation. Reputation is important, because this is one of the ways that other characters judge your ruler.

If your reputation becomes too bad your vassals might not deem you worthy of their loyalty. Piety improves reputation. For instance, if you wish to become the Duke of Brittany, you or your vassals have to control 4 of 6 provinces. The option of creating a title opens up when you control at least one province associated to that title.

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